UPDATE: It's finally happened! As of right now (Feb. 4), Sleep Token's "The Summoning" has taken the top spot on Spotify's VIral 50 chart. Directly behind it is "no longer bound" by Forrest Frank and Hulvey. As for "Chokehold," it's still sitting at No. 11, whereas the previous No. 1 holder (lifeinparis' "LET U GO") has dropped off completely.

Congrats to Sleep Token!

Sleep Token
truly are one of the hottest bands going at the moment, currently placing two songs inside Spotify's Viral 50 chart. In fact, "The Summoning" currently sits at No. 2 on the chart with only one song besting it at present.

For those unaware, Spotify's Viral 50 is a daily update of the most viral songs across all genres via the popular streaming site. Rather than being based purely on Spotify streams, the Viral 50 chart also factors in the use of songs elsewhere on the internet, including social media.

For the most part, the Viral 50 consists of many pop, dance and hip-hop-leaning tracks. But as of Feb. 1, that chart has "The Summoning" sitting at No. 2 while "Chokehold" is only just starting to decline, sitting at No. 11. The only act currently besting Sleep Token is lifeinparis, with the electro-rap song "LET U GO." You can check out the Spotify VIral 50 playlist below.

It seems everyone's got a take or is ready to mimic their favorite parts from Sleep Token's "The Summoning," especially on the social media site TikTok. Check out several video below.

@niknocturnal Scream Token #metal #metalhead #sleeptoken #screaming #screamo #vocalist #emo #scene #alt #rock #heavymetal ♬ The Summoning - Sleep Token

@alexcarlinn Funky #sleeptoken #thesummoning #funky #metal #emo #music #fyp ♬ The Summoning - Sleep Token

@thecharliehollywood to mosh or to boogie #DoritosTriangleTryout #metal #metalhead #metalcore #hardcore #alttiktok #alt #emo #elderemo #breakdown #deathcore #mosh #fyp ♬ The Summoning - Sleep Token

@originalmikewheeler The dopamine this drop gave me cannot be measured. #sleeptoken #sleeptokenworship #metalcore #metal ♬ The Summoning - Sleep Token

@brockton96 @Sleep Token makes me want to do things that HR wouldn’t approve of #sleeptoken #thesummoning #fyp #series #part22 #serotonin #music #musictok #dancing #dancetok #progressivemetal #progressiverock #rock #metaltok #metaltiktok ♬ The Summoning - Sleep Token

Meanwhile, Sleep Token's "Chokehold" continues to hang tight on the Viral 50 as well, with tastemakers helping to spread the word. Recently, The Darkness' Justin Hawkins was tasked by viewers of his Justin Hawkins Rides Again video series to listen and react to the track, as seen below.

The Darkness' Justin Hawkins Reacts to Sleep Token's "Chokehold"

These days, it's Sleep Token's world and for the most part we're all just living in it. The mysterious masked collective have been all the buzz of late, with the band's Spotify numbers going through the roof and Twitter unearthing all sorts of theories about who is actually in the band.

Just to put into perspective how quickly Sleep Token are blowing up — they had less than 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify at the beginning of January, and as of today (Jan. 31) they have over 1.58 million. That's a pretty massive increase in size for a fanbase in such a short period of time.

Sleep Token first started turning heads in 2019 with their Sundowning album, quickly followed the well-reviewed This Place Will Become Your Tomb follow-up in 2021. To start 2023, the band has already issued four songs including the Viral 50 song "Chokehold," as well as the aforementioned "The Summoning" and the most recent offerings, "Granite" and "Aqua Regia." It'e expected that the songs will eventually be included on Sleep Token's next album, due later this year.

For now, check out the two viral songs from Sleep Token as well as the Spotify Viral 50 playlist below.

Sleep Token, "The Summoning"

Sleep Token, "Chokehold"

Sleep Token Place Two Songs in Spotify's Viral 50 Playlist

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