Sleep Token have teased their "new era" after officially announcing that they've signed with RCA Records.

The masked rockers were previously signed with Spinefarm, but in a new post on social media, they revealed that they've signed with RCA — also home to artists such as Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace, The Strokes and more.

Sleep Token are undoubtedly one of the most buzz-worthy bands of the last year or so, and have only grown in popularity since the release of their album Take Me Back to Eden last year. They have several tours booked in various parts of the world throughout 2024, and the demand to see them perform only seems to get stronger by the day.

Led by vocalist Vessel, the band teased that their signing to RCA represents a "new era," though we can only speculate what that could mean. Earlier this year, they wiped their Instagram clean and wrote "Nothing lasts forever" in the bio — and the quote still remains.

They also debuted new masks during a show in mid-December, and if we know anything about masked bands (ahem, Slipknot), new masks usually signify the start of a new chapter or album cycle.

Sleep Token also had one of the highest-performing metal albums of 2023, as Take Me Back to Eden was streamed more on Spotify than Metallica's 72 Seasons, which came out a bit earlier in the year. Obviously there is a lot that needs to be considered when counting album sales and streams, particularly the age of the audience, but it's still an impressive feat for a relatively newer band.

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Is 2024 going to be the year of Sleep Token? It looks like it. We're not quite sure what we're in for just yet, but we suggest fans just enjoy the ride. See all of Sleep Token's upcoming tour dates on their website.

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