Ahead of their headlining performance at the OVO Forum in London in front of over 12,000 fans, members of Sleep Token, who go by the aliases II, III and IV, unveiled creepy new masks to commemorate what they're dubbing "a new era."

The band's sold out Dec. 16 performance was memorable for more than the new masks and the size of the sold out crowd as singer Vessel was dealing with vocal issues. At one point, a stagehand addressed the fans, calling on them to aid Vessel, who had lost his voice during the performance. They answered the call, singing out loud as the rest of the band carried on with the set, Vessel stepping up to the microphone on occasion to deliver a line or two.

It was all quite the spectacle, even if the conditions were less than optimal, and is a testament to how much fans love this band as they continue to ride high on a big, viral year.

Photos: Sleep Token Members' New Masks

Sleep Token's drummer (II), bassist (III) and guitarist (IV) each shared closeup images of their new masks, which are quite intricate and genuinely creepy.

Each mask bears the Sleep Token sigil, which is placed over the foreheads and around the eyes of III and IV and over the nose and mouth of II.

Vessel, meanwhile, appears to have kept the mask he has sported throughout the year.

Here, II shows off his latest mask design.

Click through the photo slides below to see III's new mask.

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The most menacing off all just might be IV's mask.

Who Made the New Sleep Token Masks?

Lani Hernandez-David, a self-taught 21-year-old artist based out of London is responsible for the trio of new Sleep Token masks.

See some of his designs below, including his own version of the costume worn by late GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie), ones made in tribute to Slipknot and more.

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