A lot of bands seem to have been wiping or deleting their social media profiles as of late, with Sleep Token being the latest to participate in the trend. Their Instagram page has been wiped clean, and their fans are speculating that it has to do with their birth certificates being shared online.

As fans have pointed out online, Sleep Token's Instagram page is still active, but is blank, and their bio mysteriously says "Nothing lasts forever." This of course has led some to panic that it may mean the end of the band, with one fan in particular writing that they feel "unwell" and have "massive stomach pain" over it.

Why Did Sleep Token Delete Their Instagram?

We have no idea what a wiped Instagram profile means and can only speculate. As we've seen several times in the past, though, artists sometimes clear their social media when they're preparing to head into a new album cycle and start promoting it. Then, their entire page is able to reflect the new era, as opposed to containing photos and videos from the previous album. Take Me Back to Eden only came out midway through 2023, so it would be rather quick if they were already starting a new album cycle.

But, anything is possible.

"Basically Sleep Token deleted their Instagram posts and changed their bio to 'nothing lasts forever' and people are freaking out given the timing but also speculate it's probably just new era stuff because they wouldn't do the new masks and then just bounce with no warning," a fan explained on X.

The "timing" that the fan mentioned in that post was likely referring to the leaking of the birth certificate.

What About Sleep Token's Birth Certificates?

Fans have speculated that the reason the band wiped their Instagram is because someone apparently found and shared the birth certificate of one of the members, known as III, online. That member specifically deleted all of their social media accounts, so that combined with the band's empty Instagram has led some to believe that they did it because their identity was leaked.

Anonymity is part of Sleep Token's shtick, so this would obviously put an end to it, which could also be the meaning of "Nothing lasts forever."

"The fact that someone went and found III's birth certificate and posted it, forcing him to delete all social media, is absolutely disgusting. This person may have single-handedly ruined Sleep Token for everyone," one fan wrote on X.

"I fucking hate Sleep Token’s fan base. I just learned about the birth certificate thing. What the fuck is wrong with y’all? I’d wholeheartedly sympathize with them if they wanted to pack it all in at this point, and what a blow it would be if they did. Congrats everyone," another fan asserted.

Some have further claimed that the individual that leaked the birth certificate also shared III's home address, resulting in a plethora of very angry responses online.

Again, we cannot confirm whether this is the reason the band has cleared their Instagram. It's all speculation due to timing. See more of the reactions and discussion below.

What Are Sleep Token Up to in 2024?

As of now, Sleep Token are set to embark on an Australian tour in April. Their first U.S. appearance will be on April 27 at Las Vegas' Sick New World festival, followed by a small handful of other shows and festival performances. See all of the dates on their website.

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