Sleep Token are undeniably the biggest breakout band in heavy music of last year, which means somewhere out there some fan has had to explain this band they are obsessed with to their grandparents.

On its surface, this is plainly amusing because, of course, the masks are going to be in focus if grandma and grandpa get a look at the band. They'll probably mention how KISS were their version of Sleep Token back in the day and, perhaps even Slipknot for some of those grandparents skewing on the younger side.

Fans on Reddit took the theoretical approach to this idea, sharing how they would try to describe Sleep Token musically, visually and thematically. Let's not forget about the lore!

Dramatic Comments

"A guy got into a relationship so messy that he had to write three full LPs. And he's too shy to say anything directly," says one Reddit user.

That at least begins to explain the lyrical component of the band that inspires an endless sea of thirsty, carnal responses to the emotional weight of frontman Vessel's words, as described in the TikTok video below.

"Easy. I'm in a cult now," another person muses.

Sleep Token went legitimately viral last year and TikTok offered another boost with hordes of music fans from outside the usual rock and metal spectrum gravitating toward those silky smooth sounds.

Good Responses That Are Actually Serious

One user draws a comparison to one of the biggest rock acts ever, but hones in on a fair point that backs it up pretty well.

"I’d say that they’re the Pink Floyd of our generation," this person argues, "Both bands have surprising and unique songs. Both bands can take you on a deep emotional journey. And both bands make me realize that music is my type of spirituality."

Someone else commented that they agree this will likely resonate with a grandparent and we're inclined to agree as well. When music is powerful enough to take you — and others — somewhere and it's a place that feels deep and connected, it transcends band names and styles. We all know that feeling.

Sleep Token, "The Summoning" Live

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Dramatic AND Spot On

Asserting a point through humor, one Reddit user shares, "It's a whole music genre bakery with flavors of [heartbreak] and [loss]."

Sleep Token have had 12 tracks on each of their three albums. Maybe next time they'll make it a baker's dozen and stretch the record to 13 songs.

Explanations That Have Already Worked

A few fans have had to explain Sleep Token to a parent and relayed those experiences.

"I had to do this with my mom and she got around to being okay with them after I explained that it’s all really metaphorical about a toxic relationship and has this beautiful lore/story (she doesn’t understand the meaning of lore) BUT I did withhold the cult type information [because] she wouldn’t get it," one fan comments.

It makes sense — explaining how it's a cult but you're not in a cult is pretty nuanced and probably worth just avoiding altogether. Ask a Tool fan if you aren't sure.

Sleep Token in 2024

Sleep Token don't have a lot of dates on the books for 2024 yet, but the year is surely going to heat up for them. In the U.S., they're set to appear at the Sonic Temple festival and a special performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

See all of their scheduled dates here. Bring your grandparents.

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