By all accounts it's been a very good year for Sleeping With Sirens with the release of their recent record GossipFor the fans who simply cannot get enough of what the guys do, they've recently released their three-song EP Live & Acoustic From NYC. They've also issued the first performance from the collection, their new acoustic take on "Legends."

The group takes their anthemic original into a different world with this new version. Singer Kellin Quinn's voice takes center stage here, each note bursting with a heavy helping of feeling. The video splices together shots of the song being performed with their adoring fans, waiting to meet the band and get a CD signed in a more intimate setting than from their shows.

Don't be surprised if you start to hear "Legends" a lot more often in the coming months, as its been announced as the official song of Team USA in the 2018 Olympics. Last month, they released a video for the main song proper, which is a nice counterpoint for the acoustic video while carrying many of its same themes. Their performance is now massive in a warehouse, cut together with clips of their fans singing along with the song in a huge production.

Watch "Legends (Live and Acoustic from New York City)" above, and hear the whole three-song EP here.

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