Sleeping With Sirens certainly excited fans late last year when a photo featuring producer Matt Good in the studio with singer Kellin Quinn first popped up. "Just created some insane fire with Kellin Quinn," teased Good at the time. Now, just a few months later, the band's next record is nearing completion.

Quinn just offered a new update, revealing, "Gabe Barham is finishing drums soon.. guitars, bass and vocals are done.. then it’s off to mix and master.. we’re getting close!"

Last December, it was revealed by an inside source who had heard some of their music that what had been done was "really good and really heavy," which is something the band's members followed up on after seeing our post.

Guitarist Jack Fowler offered, "We are fuckin back babyyyyyyy, heavier and better than ever," while fellow guitarist Nick Martin followed with a devil horns emoji. Quinn then retweeted our story, plus addressed another fan who claimed to have heard the music that had stated, "I can confirm as I have heard clips as well, they are heading back towards their first two albums and it’s hard af :) just wait til y’all hear the breakdowns!!"

After the December flurry of responses, bassist Justin Hills told Rocksound TV during a chat, "I'm most excited for the new Sleeping With Sirens record next year because we went back to our roots. We wrote the record everyone wanted to hear and the record we wanted to play. It’s heavy, it’s angsty, it’s in your face rock and roll. Most importantly I can’t wait to play it live."

No release date or album title have been revealed as of yet, but it looks like the band is in the home stretch for their next album and a 2019 release is likely.

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