The best way to keep your audience growing is to pass down the music through generations. As seen recently, that's what happened when a 5-year-old named Caleb H attended a Slipknot show and ended up going viral for his drumming skills.

The video of the young red jumpsuit and makeup wearing tot furiously drumming away during a Slipknot show with the caption was posted by to Twitter by Ronnie Young, and it garnered the attention of Slipknot's own Jay Weinberg.

"My man," stated Weinberg responding to Loudwire's posting of the video. The Slipknot drummer also served up a number of drum and metal horn emojis.

Weinberg, of course, has his own history as a youngster being a fan of Slipknot. Just last year, he recreated the photo of his first introduction to the band as a kid. At the time, his father Max Weinberg had taken him to meet the group after catching wind of them during their appearance on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, where Weinberg was the house band drummer.

Young Jay, wearing his own Slipknot mask, was introduced by his dad to the band's Jim Root. Years later, after the group split with Joey Jordison, the rising rock drummer was given the chance to audition for Slipknot and landed the job.

Slipknot are currently touring in the U.K., no doubt inspiring other future musicians like Caleb H. See where their 2020 touring will take them here.

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