Wow, it looks like the identity of Slipknot's new bass player has been exposed! Fans have been predicting that original Slipknot guitarist Donnie Steele, who has performed live in place of the late Paul Gray, would become the band's new official bassist. However, some careful detective work by MetalChapel seems to prove otherwise.

Earlier today, (Sept. 12) Slipknot finally revealed their music video for 'The Devil in I' (watch below). In addition to showing off Slipknot's new masks, it's the first piece of footage to include the band's new bassist and drummer and their identical new masks. Slipknot's new drummer doesn't get much screen time in 'The Devil in I,' but the bass player gets just enough exposure to seemingly close the case on whose face is behind the mask.

Thanks to a very distinctive tattoo, Slipknot's new bassist is believed to be Alessandro 'Vman' Venturella, who has worked as a guitar tech for Mastodon, Fightstar and Coheed & Cambria. Venturella also plays guitar for the band Krokodil.

Side by side, the left hand of Venturella matches that of Slipknot's current bassist (see above). You can see the skull and spider design on the back of his hand, while the letters on the man's knuckles read "DETH." See a full shot of Venturella in the Facebook photo below:


Looks like we've got Slipknot's new bassist! As for the drummer, stay tuned for news on who was picked to replace Joey Jordison.

Watch Slipknot's 'The Devil in I' Video:

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