UPDATE: Slipknot have released a new song, titled "All Out Life." Listen here.

ORIGINAL STORY: Slipknot just tweeted that they will have today's (Oct. 31) World Record on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show on Apple Music. Without any additional context, however, we are unsure whether or not it will be a new song, or a previously unreleased track from their upcoming re-releases of both their self-titled and All Hope Is Gone albums.

Earlier this month, Shawn "Clown" Crahan told the Des Moines Register, "It seems like everything is really meant to be right now. We're way ahead. And I think everybody is going to be very, very pleasantly surprised, starting this month."

The premiere will go live at the top of the hour. Stay tuned to Loudwire for up-to-date information on the story.

Contrary to speculation that new music is dropping today, Corey Taylor recently claimed that the band is planning on being in the studio to record their next album early in 2019, with the tentative plan to launch a world tour in the summer to coincide with their expected album release. However, the band also recently recorded a new music video, for which details have been shrouded in mystery.

In a separate interview, Taylor made the bold statement that he felt the band had written the heaviest song of their career, before adding, "One of them anyway." He teased the disc as "What if the guys who made Iowa matured?," and stated of their forthcoming release, "Some of this shit is just so hard and dirty fast. It’s fucking really good. It’s also us at our most ambitious, our most experimental, also us doing what we fucking do best which is basically when everybody thinks they’ve got us figured out, we just smack them in the face with everything we’ve got."

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