Okay maggot, time to prove yourself. You think you're the ultimate Slipknot fan? We've got a quiz packed with 25 questions designed to test your knowledge about the band, its members and their history.

These questions stretch all the way back to the earlier days of Slipknot, back to their real first album before Roadrunner Records scooped them up and released the self-titled debut in 1999. We've even got some pre-Slipknot questions in there, so if you're not the most dedicated maggot, don't be a jerk and Google the answer to make yourself look better. Cheaters = shit.

Of course, there's some questions centered around the band's more recent members — Jay Weinberg and V-Man — while the identity of "Tortilla Man" remains a mystery to us all.

Take the quiz below as Slipknot Week at Loudwire continues as we near the release of We Are Not Your Kind, out Aug. 9. Catch the 'Knot on tour by getting tickets here.


Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks

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