After recently returning with the song 'The Negative One,' Slipknot have now unleashed 'The Devil in I,' the official first single from their forthcoming fifth album. Take a listen to the track above!

While 'The Negative One' is pure brutality, 'The Devil in I' features clean and melodic vocals from Corey Taylor in its verses before he delivers the powerful chorus, as he sings 'Step inside / See the Devil in I / Too many times we've let it come to this.' At about the 3:30 mark, Taylor goes into full gutterals during the bridge as he sings over a driving beat by the band's mystery drummer. (Joey Jordison was ousted from the group at the end of 2013).

So, stop what you're doing and listen to the new Slipknot single 'The Devil in I' above. And stay tuned for more news on the new Slipknot album.

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