Dig Bring Me the Horizon, but kind of wishing the new song "Medicine" was heavier like their older work? You may not be the only one, as a YouTuber named Nik Nocturnal has attempted to recreate the song in the heavier style the band once adhered to.

Nocturnal gets a little help from musical pal Andy Cizek as they deconstruct "Medicine" and revise it with a much heavier approach. The two musicians are shot separately with Cizek unleashing his full power and even breaking out some guttural moments in the track, while Nocturnal keeps the music rocking. Even with the heavier approach, there are still moments of melody within their performance. Take a listen below.

"This video is not meant in any way to dig at the original song they just released or try to replace it," says Nocturnal at the end of the video. "It was honestly just a fun experiment of like, 'Hey, I wonder how this new song would sound in their older style.'"

The guitarist has a full YouTube channel dedicated to his guitar covers and some of his favorite guitar moments. Check out his work here. Meanwhile, Cizek also has a YouTube site featuring a number of vocal covers that you can check out at this location.

Bring Me the Horizon, in their current incarnation, will deliver the new album Amo on Jan. 25. Keep an eye out for them on tour at these stops.

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