As much as people love to hear the classics played live, whenever a band releases a new album, many fans want to hear at least some of the new material played, too. Foo Fighters have done an excellent job at keeping their setlists fresh, while still making sure to play the hits.

Foos have played well over 1,000 shows so far, so we were curious which of their songs have never been played live. We went through every Foo Fighters song on each of their albums and plugged them into's Tour Statistics page to see which have been performed during concerts, and we even checked for bonus tracks, too.

For the sake of keeping things realistic, we didn't check for cover songs or B-sides, as these are usually less likely to have been played anyway. So the many numbered EPs that they released throughout 2019 and 2020 weren't considered for this.

Despite having released 11 albums, Foo Fighters have surprisingly played the majority of their songs in concert before. That's a large number of songs to have gone through, but they played most of them at least once. Yes, even the latter half of In Your Honor was played in its entirety — and those are all acoustic tracks.

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We rounded up the couple of songs that weren't ever part of Foo Fighters' setlist, and noted whether it was a bonus track on the album or not. Scroll below to see which of them never made the cut... because now that Foos are hitting the road again (get tickets here), there's always a chance that they could see the light of day.

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