On the eve of the release of the 20th anniversary edition of 'Superunknown,'  are considering giving their 1991 album 'Badmotorfinger' the same treatment.

In a new interview with Billboard, guitarist Kim Thayil talks about going back to their vaults to commemorate 'Badmotorfinger,' most likely in 2016, the 25th anniversary of its release.

"We definitely have discussed giving this treatment to 'Badmotorfinger,' for sure," Thayil says. "There are some B-sides, live material, I believe there may be rehearsal material. 'Badmotorfinger' was very influential in the rock community. It had a strong influence on other musicians."

Thayil continues, "'Superunknown' probably did as well, but it's success was not just with musicians but with fans as well. 'Badmotorfinger' had an impact with listeners but also with guitarists and drummers and singers, people who started bands. It definitely deserves the same kind of treatment we're giving ['Superunknown']."

Speaking of 'Superunknown,' Soundgarden will be playing the album in its entirety for the second time ever tonight (June 2) at Webster Hall in New York. The band is also considering doing it again at some upcoming shows.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary reissue of 'Superunknown,' an exclusive in-studio quality version is being made available to fans who buy the Super Deluxe Edition. It uses advanced surround sound technology called DTS Headphone X, and is available as an Android or iOS app.