Aaron Lewis’ political leanings haven’t just been saved for his solo shows. At Staind’s recent reunion concert in Scranton, Pa., Lewis led the crowd in a “Fuck Joe Biden” chant, which many audience members took part in.

Along with Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, Aaron Lewis is one of the most outspoken conservative rockers out there. His solo career as a country musician has been a successful one, with the controversial track “Am I the Only One” hitting No. 1 on country radio. Additional songs like “If I Was a Liberal” drew a political line in the sand, as has his choice in stage attire, which include shirts printed with “Fuck Biden,” “Impeach Biden” and “I Could Shit a Better President.”

While wearing his “I Could Shit a Better President” shirt, Lewis spoke to the crowd at Staind’s co-headlining show with Korn, referencing Scranton as the birthplace of the 46th president of the United States. Staind drummer Sal Giancarelli joined in on his kit, while guitarist Mike Mushok and bassist Johnny April remained fairly neutral.

Thousands Chant F*ck Joe Biden at Aaron Lewis Concert in Pennsylvania

Staind Concert in Scranton at Montage Mountain Sept. 25, 2021

Political messages in rock and metal are nothing new. During Donald Trump’s presidency, countless artists spoke out against him, including Corey Taylor, Dee Snider and Bad Religion. Municipal Waste and Brujeria released anti-Trump merch, while Kid Rock released a line of pro-Trump merch.

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