Aaron Lewis has remained firm in his commitment to his solo career, keeping Staind on a low simmer on the back burner. In March, he hinted at a reunion and now that idea has intensified, at least in the minds of fans, as Staind have posted a "stay tuned" teaser video.

We're also encroaching the 20th anniversary of Staind's major label debut, Dysfunction, which was released on April 13, 1999, fueling the speculation that a reunion is imminent. If the band does get back together, it will be the first time since 2017 where they played a brief set at the Aaron Lewis and Friends benefit concert in Massachusetts.

During a solo show in Oklahoma City on March 9, Lewis teased the crowd, asking, "So what if I told you that Staind is coming back next year?" He then stated, "I might be lying, but I might not. There might even be live shows this year. I can't say for sure. You never know."

And we still don't know. What we do know is that after that one-off 2017 reunion, Lewis cautioned, "The touring machine, as you call it, of Staind will never be again. Not like that, no. Never. Never," while speaking with 104.9 The Surf.

"I could never go back to playing six shows [a week] eight weeks in a row. I can't do that," the singer continued in the radio interview. "I have grown in my age and become very accustomed to playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday and being able to go home for a few days and unwind and try to kind of have a life aside from doing this."

Whatever the case, prepare your "It's Been a While" puns now.

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