Comedic glam band Steel Panther have screamed "Heavy Metal's back!" once again with their newest full-length album, 'Balls Out.' Steel Panther deliver exactly what fans want, ridiculous concepts, hilarious lyrics and musicianship combining the attitude of Motley Crue with the over-the-top style of Def Leppard.

Steel Panther waste no time getting into character as lead track 'Supersonic Sex Machine' blasts off with an energy that reflects the atmosphere of a live metal show. One of the most memorable songs from 'Balls Out' is 'Just Like Tiger Woods,' a track filled with some of the funniest innuendo Steel Panther have put to tape, with lines such as, "Remember this when you're having fun / Three holes are better than a hole in one" and "If you want to be like Tiger Woods / Fill in all the divots in the neighborhood."

'17 Girls in a Row,' which we recently reviewed, is the first single from 'Balls Out.' The song keeps the record going strong with a much less subtle approach to the hair metal attitude. 'It Won't Suck Itself' is one of the more serious tracks on the album, chronicling encounters with snakes and scorpions biting the band members below the belt. Luckily for Steel Panther, they were able to find willing participants to suck the venom out.

What hair metal album would be complete without a power ballad? 'If You Really Really Love Me,' delivers more great one-liners that will keep you waving your lighters in the air even if you're home alone. "If you really really really really love me / You'd never make me hang out with your family / Your mom sucks and your dad really hates me / When I try to borrow money he berates me."

'Balls Out' is a solid album which Steel Panther fans will surely gravitate to, as well as those who love (or love to make fun of) the classic hair metal bands of the '80s.