Steel Panther put on one of the best live concert experiences of any band out there today. Not only is each member of the band a truly talented musician, they are also able to create a wormhole back to the '80s on the Sunset Strip. Crowd members come to Steel Panther concerts decked out in wigs and spandex as the women of the crowd are quick to lose their shirts and bras when invited up onstage by the band.

Steel Panther blazed through 'Supersonic Sex Machine' and 'Tomorrow Night' as they invaded the Connecticut stage in a blaze of hairspray and spendex. Guitarist Satchel was quick to claim Steel Panther's dominance during the band's first mic break. "Holy s--t dude, two f---ing songs into the set and already, we have established ourselves as probably one of the Top 25 heavy metal bands ever to play in Wallingford!"

The band members introducing each other onstage proved to be one of the highlights of the night. Singer Michael Starr was revealed to have slept with a Playboy playmate -- Miss June 1970, Satchel was called "more athletic than Mick Mars," bassist Lexxi Foxx spoke about the crowd consisting of "good-looking dudes" and Stix Zadinia was named "the best drummer in our band" by Foxx.

The band kept their performance going strong with fan favorites such as 'Eyes of a Panther,' 'Community Property,' '17 Girls in a Row' and many more. The debauchery may have very well been at an all-time high for Steel Panther, as topless women rabidly made out onstage. One girl was even so aggressive in trying to grab Michael Starr's package, that he somewhat broke character as the singer playfully held the girl off.

Every music fan with an appreciation for talent, comedy and a soft spot for heavy metal should experience Steel Panther at least once, so check out their tour dates here and go see them live!