The heavy metal gods of Steel Panther want to stuff your stocking this holiday season, but only if you believe in Satchel Claus. To help usher in the most wonderful time of the year, Steel Panther have offered up the new track 'The Stocking Song.'

'The Stocking Song' is a real panty-dropper, which is even more impressive in the winter. The track was released on Dec. 8 via Billboard, but the band has posted 'The Stocking Song' lyric video on YouTube for your listening pleasure.

Steel Panther took inspiration from the Christmas classic 'Deck the Halls' for the band's new holiday cut, playing the unmistakable hook on the world's sexiest instrument -- the kazoo. 'The Stocking Song' is laced with innuendo, so if you're looking for classic Steel Panther comedy, you shan't be disappointed.

"We love to spread the love," says horribly aging vocalist Michael Starr. "The holiday season is the best time to pick up strippers at a strip club. The ones that are working on Christmas Eve usually have no family and are really lonely. So it's super easy to take them home and do some kissin' underneath the camel toe."

Get your stocking stuffed to Steel Panther's 'The Stocking Song' in the clip above!

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