Steel Panther recently toned things down a bit while visiting ‘The Jeff O’Neil Show’ in Canada, performing an acoustic version of their song ‘If You Really Really Love Me.’ Anyone even vaguely familiar with Steel Panther knows that toning things down is not exactly their forte, but they did a great job on this softer rendition of the tune.

‘If You Really Really Love Me’ is a catchy little ditty off of the band’s latest release, ‘Balls Out.’ With lyrics that cut deep, like, “If I have sex with your friend Melanie / Don't act like it's some kind of felony / It's not uncommon for this kind of infidelity /It happens to a lot of guys like Tiger Woods and me,” it’s hard not to fall in love with these hopeless romantics.

The hair metal messiahs have been making the rounds with recent shows in New York and Ohio, gearing up for their upcoming trip to Australia for the Soundwave festival in February.

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Watch Steel Panther's Acoustic Performance of 'If You Really Really Love Me'