Brian Szasz, the stepson of billionaire Hamish Harding, has confirmed that his stepfather is one of the passengers aboard the Titanic submersible that has gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean, as reported by TMZ. And soon after the revelation, Szasz found comfort and a bit of a distraction as the ongoing search for the vehicle continued by attending a Blink-182 concert.

"Thoughts and prayers for my Mom and Hamish Harding," he initially posted, adding, "Hamish Harding, my stepfather, has gone missing on submarine thoughts and prayers." That post was later removed from his Facebook account and replaced by one asking for privacy and thanking those who expressed their support.

He later shared an article from The Mirror reporting on the incident, adding, "Hamish my stepdad is lost in a submarine thoughts and prayers that the rescue mission will be successful."

Shortly after his initial posts about his missing stepfather, Szasz posted a photo of himself attending a Blink-182 concert as the search continued. Realizing that some seeing the post might take it as insensitive, he wrote, "It might be distasteful being here but my family would want me to be at the blink-182 show as it’s my favorite band and music helps me in difficult times!"

The Facebook post received universally positive sentiments and support from those commenting, with plenty of love and encouragement for Szasz through this difficult time. Over on Twitter though, things were quite a bit more critical. See a sampling of the responses below.

More About Hamish Harding and the OceanGate Titanic Submersible

The elder Harding has used his money for adventures in the past, twice visiting the South Pole, taking a trip into space aboard Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin Rocket and diving to the depths of the Pacific Ocean aboard Challenger Deep.

Harding was reportedly joining a small crew that was traveling to get a closer view of the Titanic when the OceanGate Expeditions submersible was reported missing yesterday morning (June 19). The crew on board had made no contact for more than eight hours, when signals were typically sent to the mother ship every 15 minutes. According to The Mirror report, the vehicle's oxygen supply last 96 hours, which would run out officially at 6AM U.K. time on Thursday (June 22).

"We are exploring and mobilizing all options to bring the crew back safely. Our entire focus is on the crew members in the submersible and their families," said a statement from OceanGate. "We are deeply thankful for the extensive assistance we have received from several government agencies and deep sea companies in our efforts to reestablish contact with the submersible. We are working toward the safe return of the crew members."

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