Steve-O gave the Jackass treatment to the ceremonial first pitch before the San Diego Padres game against the Kansas City Royals on Monday (May 15) at Petco Park in San Diego — the entertainer breathed fire on the baseball before he tossed it.

The stunning display from the otherwise now more mellow star of the stunt-filled Johnny Knoxville-led Jackass film and TV series seemed to imbue the Padres with good luck — they beat the Royals 4–0 in the first of a 3-game series on Monday.

Watch the videos toward the bottom of this post.

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As recapped by Sports Illustrated, the 48-year-old actor took to the mound wearing a No. 62 "Steve-O" Padres jersey. For the first pitch, he threw the ball that he spat fire on to San Diego's mascot, the Swinging Friar, who acted as the catcher behind home plate.

Steve-O at Padres Game
Matt Thomas, Padres, Getty Images

"My first time throwing the first pitch at an [MLB] game," Steve-O said on social media. "I'm pretty sure it's never been done like this, too!"

Steve-O, who's been sober over a decade, is featured alongside Knoxville in last year's Jackass Forever. Since 2020, Steve-O hosts the podcast Steve-O's Wild Ride!

See Steve-O's first pitch below.

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Steve-O's Fiery First Pitch at Padres Game

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