Steven Adler has offered further clarification on his recent thoughts regarding the current Guns N' Roses lineup and discusses whether singer Axl Rose will be in attendance for the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction next week.

In our recent interview with original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler, he surprisingly took a stab at Rose's current bandmates, saying, "Axl will probably want to play [the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame] with his hack band — his band of hacks. ‘Axl and His Hacks’ — it shouldn’t even be Guns N’ Roses. He’s just driving that name into the freakin’ ground."

Later, Adler issued an official apology for his insulting jab at GN'R, and conceded, "The guys that Axl has put together are all great players. They’re not hacks in the sense that they can’t play, they’re all incredible musicians. I just meant that they are not the original lineup."

In his latest interview with Artisan News, Adler tries to explain what he really meant to say when speaking to Loudwire about the band. "I said the wrong word. I meant to say 'scabs,' explains Adler. "Big factories, when the main workers would go on strike, the factory would get people off the street and they would call them 'scabs.' I wouldn't say they can't play. I would just say more the main people are on strike -- this is what Axl's got going. Of course they're great players, or they wouldn't be playing with Axl."

There's been a lot of hearsay and conjecture regarding who will and will not be in attendance when the band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this month -- Adler says that he's not even sure if Rose himself will be at the ceremony. "I hope so and I'd like to say yes," Adler says of Axl's possible attendance. "I don't even think God knows. I asked Satan the other day. I said, "Dude, do you think Axl is gonna show up?" and he was like, "Dude, I really can't tell you.""

Regardless of who will show up, Guns N' Roses will be inducted to the Rock Hall by Green Day on April 14 in Cleveland, Ohio. The ceremony is being filmed by HBO, who will air the event on Saturday, May 5 at 9PM.

Steven Adler Talks Scabs N' Hacks