One of the lines of Stone Sour's new song "Fabuless" is, "It's all downhill from here," but that was the farthest thing from an appropriate descriptor of the band's blistering set at West Hollywood's legendary club the Troubadour on Thursday night (June 29). The show sold out almost as soon as it went on sale and those lucky enough to be in attendance caught an electrifying Stone Sour up close and personal.

The band came out blazing and the crowd responded in kind as the Hydrograd instrumental "YSIF" built the suspense with guitarist Christian Martucci and bassist Johnny Chow bobbing their heads in unison. Corey Taylor drew big cheers as he joined his bandmates onstage sporting a classic Wu Tang Clan "C.R.E.A.M." T-shirt and immediately pumping up the crowd as they transitioned into "Taipei Person / Allah Tea" off the new album. Chow's low-end bass work shown through, while Roy Mayorga's beats got heavier and heavier. In the crowd, a sea of hands were raised to the sky, swinging along with every lick. The energy level remained high through "Made of Scars," with Taylor spinning the mic in his hand triumphantly after another loud response from the crowd.

While the new album was very much on display during the Troubadour show, Taylor and his band also went way back to the early days, starting with the powerful "Take a Number" off their self-titled 2002 debut. That was just a pre-cursor to what would come later, with the band ripping through the sludgy, driving rocker "Blotter" and the pummeling "Get Inside" back-to-back before the rest of the band took a break leaving Taylor by his lonesome to sing the somber Stone Sour favorite "Bother."

The audience response for the latter track was amazing as they sang along with Taylor and his guitar and overpowered him enough that he paused for a bit while chants of "Corey, Corey, Corey" filled the room. Taking the adulation, the singer then brought the crowd back in to sing with him as he finished off the track. That was just one of several sing-along moments throughout the night, as the audience was audible on performances of "Say You'll Haunt Me," "Tired" and "Through Glass" during the evening. "Say You'll Haunt Me" also gave Mayorga a bit of a spotlight as the band altered the arrangement of the early part of the song a bit, allowing the drummer a more swinging entry into the song before it picked up in power.

During the show, Taylor revealed that he had never played the Troubadour before, though he was well aware of the venue. The club provided just the type of show you would kill for as a Stone Sour fan. It was a steamy night inside the Troub, as the band members had already worked up a sweat by the second song. The band's (almost) lone production element (more on that later) was the mirrored "S" banner replicating the Hydrograd artwork behind the stage.

The floor was packed with fully engaged fans and the upstairs balcony walls were lined with fans standing, singing and rocking along, all visible to the Stone Sour members who seemed to spot quite a few friends in the audience. Taylor would later show his appreciation by hopping up to the upstairs benches and singing with the fans and finishing out the night falling into the crowd for a minor crowd surf.

As stated, the evening did feature a fair share of Hydrograd material. "Mercy" was a highlight, as the band played it live for an audience for the first time. The driving rocker had a bit of a Velvet Revolver-esque swagger to it and feels like a perfect addition to the live set. "Song #3" had Martucci and fellow guitarist Josh Rand playing to the crowd from the risers at the front of the stage, keeping the audience involved. And the band followed a sizzling encore performance of "Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero" by finishing the night with the aforementioned "Fabuless" and their other piece of production -- six colorful car dealership air dancers -- flanking the stage, mirroring the chaotic glory of the video for the song.

The band seemed genuinely appreciative of the response and it was the perfect finale for the build up to the new album release. With Hydrograd hitting stores today (June 30), fans can look for a more extended playlist, something that Taylor seemed absolutely thrilled about. The disc is available to order here.

Earlier in the evening, The Pink Slips opened the show with a brief but high energy performance featuring catchy rock songs with a bit of Riot GRRL attitude blended with a harder side.

Look for Stone Sour on tour with Korn as part of the "Summer of Serenity" tour along with plenty more shows that you can find here. And be sure to check out our photos from the Troubadour show in the gallery above and see video footage below.

Stone Sour, Los Angeles' Troubadour Set List (June 29, 2017):

2. Taipei Person
3. Scars
4. Take a Number
5. Reborn
6. Say You'll Haunt Me
7. 30-30-150
8. Mercy
9. Tired
10. Do Me a Favor
11. Blotter
12. Get Inside
13. Bother
14. Song #3
15. Through Glass
16. Gone Sovereign
17. Absolute Zero
18. Fabuless

Stone Sour Perform "Fabuless" at Los Angeles' Troubadour

Stone Sour Perform "Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero" at Los Angeles' Troubadour

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