With their new ‘High Rise’ EP due out next week on Oct. 8, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington recently hit the late night circuit to perform a new song for the masses. Last night (Oct. 3) on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,’ STP with Bennington at the helm performed their new track ‘Black Heart’ from their latest collection of work. Watch the video above to check out the performance.

‘Black Heart’ is just one of five new tracks that Bennington collaborated with Stone Temple Pilots on and according to Robert DeLeo, the writing process was undoubtedly a group effort. “It wasn’t forced,” DeLeo told Rolling Stone. “It was something we instinctively made happen. It’s undeniably STP.” For anyone concerned that Bennington is not one hundred percent committed to the project, he had this to offer during the same interview, “This is our band now. We’re not f---ing around.”

Fans hoping to hear more of the new material before digging into their wallets are in luck, as the band is currently streaming the entire EP over on Pandora; check out the five new tunes here.

The band certainly hasn't wasted any time, already hitting the road with their new lineup. Their live performances have allowed them to showcase their new music in addition to proving that Bennington is a perfect fit to pull off their full body of work in a live environment. With dates spanning through the beginning of March, check out all of their upcoming shows here to see when they might be coming to your town.