From time to time, it happens where young bands don't exactly see eye to eye with the headliners and it ends with a parting of ways. But only occasionally do we ever hear the details, and Stormzone SPV were kind enough to give fans some insight on their recent exit from Sebastian Bach's U.K. trek.

The Belfast-based upstarts delivered a lengthy Facebook posting chronicling their experience in which they don't necessarily trash Bach, but do give a less-than-flattering rundown of how a misunderstanding led to their exit.

They begin by stating how their Belfast performance, which took place at home and had everything at their disposal, went well. Even though they had a cramped space to play in, they state that this is customary for opening acts and they didn't feel it was any cause for concern. They even got a nod of support from Bach's bassist Jason Christopher who congratulated them after the show and had some kind words about their performance.

While en route to the next show, the excited band approached Bach to talk about the show, but they say he wasn't very enthusiastic about it and cut them off mid-sentence when he learned they didn't have anything to smoke.

The next day in Glasgow, things went differently as they were unable to set up any gear and had to wait for soundcheck. This was followed by being told that they no longer had a dressing room as Bach's manager requested one, so they would have to change elsewhere. Eventually, the band was able to take the stage with only ten minutes to set up, but were then told not to touch any of the instruments already onstage and learned that they were being shorted monitors and microphones. After pulling off the performance, they were once again met with congratulations by Bach's bassist, but after the show they were paid half of the agreed-upon fee. They add, "Still no moaning and bitching, we were just too damn happy to have still played well under the given conditions."

Trouble began though when they returned to their van and found the only exit blocked by Bach's tour bus. They say that one of their crew members had a heated exchange with one of Bach's crew, but eventually things were settled and Bach's tour manager stated that everything would be better the next night in London.

However, about midway into the trip to London they received a call that Bach wanted them off the tour. The manager stated that the singer felt that the band wasn't appreciative enough of everything they had been given in Glasgow. They add, "An occupied dressing room, one drum microphone, a two-minute soundcheck, no monitors, and half our fee, and in actual fact we were still totally thankful."  But they say that taking the bait over the tour bus incident probably sealed their fate. While understanding of the decision, the one thing Stormzone SPV didn't care for was that the order was given in the morning to axe them from the tour, but wasn't delivered until late afternoon once they had already traveled most of their trip.

They conclude, "We're fortunate that for Stormzone incidents like this are few and far between. We've toured with many a legend over the last few years and always been treated with respect. This is a one-off and we've certainly lived through it to fight another day."