A new study conducted by Preply surveyed just over 1,000 people in the U.S. about their musical preferences and how it plays into their social media captions. The data uncovers a lot of interesting discoveries about posts containing lyrics from popular rock, metal and punk bands and how they compare against other genres.

The reasons for posting song lyrics on social media can of course vary, from selecting your favorites to searching for those perfect words that describe the nature of your post in an expressive way.

People often get the lyrics wrong in their posts too and it happens most frequently with fans of one particular style of heavy music. Fine, we'll tell you. It's punk!

Below, we've outlined the rock, metal and punk stats from Preply's study, broken down into a range of categories.

First, here's a couple fun ones before we really dig in:

Queen and The Beatles appear in the Top Five for "Happy Posts," Guns N' Roses and Queen make the Top Five in "Friendship Posts" and Green Day were only bested by the mighty Taylor Swift in the "Sad Posts" category. Regarding "Romantic Posts," rock, metal and punk expectedly do not make the Top Five, but The Beatles and Guns N' Roses own the top two spots for "Travel Posts!"

You'll see those names pop up a lot more...

Most Common Genres Quoted in Captions

Rock — 56 percent (second most)

Punk — 33 percent (sixth most)

Metal — 25 percent (seventh most)

Most Common Artists Quoted in Captions

The Beatles — 24 percent

Queen — 22 percent

Green Day — 20 percent

Guns N' Roses — 19 percent

By Genre — No. 1-3

Metal — Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot

Rock — The Beatles, Queen, Guns N' Roses

Punk — Green Day, Blink-182, Ramones

Courtesy of Preply

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Use of Lyrics in Posts by Generation

Perhaps a bit predictably, Gen Z are the most prevalent lyric-posters in social media captions, followed by millennials, Gen X and baby boomers.

More Stats

If you still crave more stats about how lyrics in social media captions all break down, according to the data collected through Preply surveying 1,004 people in the U.S., head here.

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