Suicide Silence are coming up on the 10-year anniversary of their debut album The Cleansing. Very quickly, the album helped the band soar to being one of the world's most prominent deathcore acts, and made then vocalist Mitch Lucker a fan favorite, before his unfortunate death. Suicide Silence are going to celebrate the record with a tour later this year.

In an interview with Army of One TV, drummer Alex Lopez revealed the band's plans for the rest of the year:

“Right now, our plans for the future are to write. We’re definitely eager to get in the studio. We’ve got some festivals coming up. We’re playing the Warped Tour, and we’re playing Knotfest Mexico, we’re going to Ecuador…

We’re just doing a bunch of small shows, and then we’re gonna do a tour later this year. It’s gonna be a ten-year reunion—no reunion… a ‘Cleansing‘ tour, so it’s a ten-year run for our album ‘The Cleansing‘. I think we’re gonna bring out some pretty cool bands, play the album for you and play some other stuff.

So it should be really, really cool. I’m looking forward to it. And for those of you out there that want to see the first record be played live, come out and support. We’re gonna have a bunch of cool surprises for everyone.”

It'll be interesting to see what the band has up their sleeves for the anniversary. The group aren't strangers to bringing out a multitude of different guests, with vocalists like Randy Blythe, Robb Flynn and Max Cavalera surprising people at the band's memorial show for Lucker.

It's been an interesting year for Suicide Silence and the fan reaction to their recent self-titled record. Reaction to their single "Doris" and its cleaner sound included a list of different responses, including straight up petitions against the record, but it never phased current vocalist Eddie Hermida or the rest of the band, who embraced it whole heartedly.

Stay tuned for the official dates for The Cleansing 10-year anniversary tour when they are announced.

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