While Godsmack spent much of 2012 out on the road as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival with Shinedown and the Mass Chaos tour with Staind, the band is set to enjoy some downtime in 2013.

When asked what’s next for Godsmack in a new interview with Artist Direct, frontman Sully Erna explained that most of the next year will be spent taking a bit of a break. “We're going to take some time away now because we just ran for the last two years,” Erna said. “It's time for us to take a break and get away from the markets for a little bit so we don't overplay them. We're taking 2013 off."

He adds, “Maybe towards the end of the year or early 2014, we may start getting into the studio and writing. Now, we're going to lay low." It won’t all be down time though for the ‘Smack singer and his bandmates though. "We may pop up once in a while to do a radio festival or something. I'm going to take all of 2013 to focus on my solo stuff and see any doors I can open along the way," he shared.

The latest fruits of Erna’s solo career include a massive limited edition box set for ‘Avalon.’ The set spans five dvds that include videos and outtakes in addition to ‘Avalon Live,’ recorded at the Wilbur Theatre in his hometown of Boston, Mass.

Erna admitted that his solo work allows him to stretch a little further creatively, explaining, “As much as I love Godsmack and my boys in Godsmack, it really is what it is.” He continued, “Over the years, we've identified Godsmack to be a powerhouse rock band, which it should be, but there's also this other side of me. I can't keep it trapped inside.” Erna’s solo efforts have allowed him to tap into that inspiration. “I have to explore it and release this other kind of music that I love playing. I also love sitting down at the piano with my daughter and creating music and playing acoustically,” divulged Erna.

So while Godsmack fans wait for the band to rest and reload, it’s not all bad news. It sounds like there will be new Sully Erna solo material to sink their teeth into at some point in the new year.