March Metal Madness has been heating up all week long with some close match-ups and a ton of voting from metalheads worldwide. Yesterday we wrote about the Megadeth vs. Dio battle having an only 13 vote difference at one point, but today the most captivating duel is between System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine.

There have been some incredibly difficult choices in Round 1 of March Metal Madness, and System vs. Rage is certainly leaving many scratching their heads. System of a Down and their opus 'Chop Suey!' currently have a narrow lead over Rage Against the Machine's politically infused 'Bulls on Parade.' With System having captured 53% of the vote, Rage still has a good chance of making a last-minute comeback before voting for Round 1 ends Sunday night.

The rest of the Headbanger Region showcases epic battles such as Ozzy Osbourne vs. Tool, with the Prince of Darkness' 'Crazy Train' currently edging out 'Schism.' Metallica are currently ahead of Opeth as 'Master of Puppets' goes against 'Blackwater Park,' and Pantera's 'Walk' has a very comfortable lead over Mastodon's 'Blood and Thunder.'

Keep the votes coming in to advance your favorite bands and their signature tracks into Round 2 of Loudwire's March Metal Madness.


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