Ted Nugent and billionaire business magnate Elon Musk are a lot alike when it comes to their political slant.

Both support former President Donald Trump, although Musk has also voiced disdain from Trump in the past.

Yet Nugent recently explained that he's "extremely suspicious" of Musk's $44 billion buyout of Twitter that was finally completed late last month.

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But wouldn't the purchase make The Nuge happy? After all, the "Wango Tango" rock singer has an avowed love for free speech — something Musk has promised to bring back to Twitter.

Musk previously indicated that he would reinstate Trump on the social media platform. Trump supporters posit that Twitter went against free speech when the social media platform permanently suspended Trump last year. The suspension was "due to the risk of further incitement of violence," as Twitter explained in a statement at the time. (Musk has already fired the Twitter executive who decided on the Trump suspension.)

Alas, on Tuesday's (Nov. 1) installment of "The Nightly Nuge," Nugent's daily podcast about current events, the 73-year-old rocker seemingly praised Musk's takeover in the name of free speech.

Still, he suggested he suspects Musk of ill intentions.

Nugent said, according to Blabbermouth, "We are experiencing a hiccup where the shackles have come off, and we are experiencing non-censored communication, at least on Twitter, for the moment. But I am extremely suspicious of Elon Musk."

He continued, "My friends, remain vigilant. Remain suspicious. Elon Musk has a vapor trail of globalist connections. So, with that in mind, do not be confused by what Mr. Left Hand is doing, because Mr. Right Hand may be grabbing you by the posterior."

This week, a study from Montclair State University showed that hate speech had already drastically increased on Twitter since Musk's takeover. Meanwhile, Musk mused he would charge $8 a month for Twitter users to have their accounts verified with the platform's "blue check" indicator. It would be a notable deviation from the platform's past rules.

On "The Nightly Nuge" on Tuesday, Nugent stated, "The founding fathers wrote down that the king can't censor us. The king can't control our religious choices or non-religious choices. The king can't allow his jackbooted thugs to come into our homes without probably cause. The king can't keep us from protesting immoral, illegitimate, wrong decrees."

He added, "That's the first amendment. So, obviously, I don't really even have to comment. Because everybody knows — if they've been paying to Ted Nugent — I am exactly what the founding fathers wanted every American to be: Critical thinking, suspicious of all authority, and [I] hold my elected employees constitutionally accountable to the very spirit of those unambiguous words that we will find in the sacred Bill of Rights."

Nugent's latest album, Detroit Muscle, emerged earlier this year. In 2021, the rocker contracted COVID-19.

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