The news you’ve imagined hearing in countless stoner fantasies has come true; Tenacious D will create a sequel to their 2006 cult classic, The Pick of Destiny.

Though The Pick of Destiny was a box office bomb, only taking in $14 million of its $20 million budget, the film has aged very well over the past 12 years. According to The Numbers, The Pick of Destiny has surpassed $10 million in DVD sales, allowing the movie to turn a small profit. Music from the film soundtrack has also remained a favorite among fans, thanks in part to cameos from Ronnie James Dio, Dave Grohl and Meat Loaf.

According to various sources, Jack Black announced a Pick of Destiny sequel will be released in October. “I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it, but we have decided that it’s happening and it’s coming out,” Black said onstage at the Shaky Knees Music Festival yesterday (May 6).

That may seem like an incredibly quick turnaround for a sequel, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open for more updates from Tenacious D. The comedy act currently has one more live show planned for 2018 — Canada’s Montbello Rockfest in June.

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