Ever been punched in the face? If so, you know what it feels like. If not, pop in the Devil Wears Prada's new album, 'Dead Throne,' and you'll get the picture.

'Dead Throne,' the band's fourth album, is a collection of metalcore anthems that match powerhouse verses and melodic choruses with music that's somehow extremely chaotic and exceptionally precise at the same time.

The disc leads off with haunting musical intro of the title track, a song featuring uncompromising lyrics that set the tone for the entire album: "I am guilty / I have fallen / There are things that have come between you and me / I'm so sorry / I'm so sorry / Let all be put to shame who serve carved images / We've put the world on a dead throne."

The Devil Wears Prada are a Christian band, and they don't hide that fact in their songs. While the themes are universal, the album's lyrics are almost biblical in nature -- both in the words and the phrasing. As guitarist Chris Rubey told us in an exclusive interview, lead singer Mike Hranica wrote a lot of the album's lyrics from a dark place in his life. However, there also is an undercurrent of optimism throughout 'Dead Throne.'

Among the standout tracks is 'Mammoth,' a tune that is highlighted by the striking dichotomy between Hranica's screams and the clean choruses sung by guitarist Jeremy DePoyster.

'Mammoth' is promptly followed by another noteworthy song, 'Vengeance.' The song features vocal production help from A Day to Remember singer Jeremy McKinnon, and it contains one of the most infectious choruses on the album: "It's gone a little too far to turn back now / Always running, I am the outcast / Keep running / Keep running away."

The album's first single, 'Born to Lose,' is a rip-roaring track that rails against idol worship, with Hranica even putting himself in place: "I'm no one's hero / So just forget my name." The theme of anti-idolatry is pervasive throughout the rest of the album, as well.

'Dead Throne' packs a wallop from start to finish. Not only is the disc a standout among metalcore acts, it's one of the better hard-rock albums released in 2011, thus far.

The Devil Wears Prada recently announced dates for a headlining North American tour with support from Whitechapel, Enter Shikari, and For Today. The trek kicks off Nov. 3 in Milwaukee.