With countless bands canceling entire tours due to the coronavirus pandemic, one legendary punk band is refusing to call it quits. The Exploited will begin their Australian tour today (March 13) with no plans to cut it short.

With entire countries on lockdown, travel bans being put into place and public gatherings severely limited, coronavirus is changing life around the world as we knew it. Live Nation and AEG have postponed their entire tour schedule, while acts like Rage Against the Machine, My Chemical Romance, Pearl Jam and many others have paused their travels for the health and safety of fans.

Exploited vocalist Wattie Buchan isn’t backing down so easily, however, giving a quote to Australian tour promoters DRW Entertainment. "Fuck coronavirus!” the punk singer begins. “I have had 5 heart attacks a quad heart bypass and a heart pacemaker fitted. Cancel gigs for a virus? We ain’t fucking Green Day piss - We are the real deal. No danger will we be cancelling our upcoming gigs. Punks Not Dead!"

Buchan actually suffered a heart attack onstage back in 2014, being hospitalized again in 2017 while on tour with the Casualties. The Exploited’s Australia and New Zealand tour dates are currently scheduled to continue through the end of March before the band flies over to Russia for two weeks of shows up north.

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