Band practice is just an average everyday activity for a lot of groups, but when you've been through what The Ghost Inside have been through, getting together to play holds a little more weight. The group was involved in a tragic bus crash in 2015 that killed both drivers and left all of the band members suffering significant injuries and facing difficult recovery periods over the last three years. So it was with great joy that the group took part in their first band practice since 2015 this week.

The group members got together this past weekend for a Facebook Live chat celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their debut album, but it also marked the first time they considered themselves to be back together as a band rather than guys recovering from injuries. Taking the next step, the group got together to play yesterday (April 17) and they also live streamed the set up, seen in the video below.

Though the set-up is shown, the band opted not to stream their actual rehearsal. Bassist Jim Riley offered, "This is a pretty emotional moment for the five of us and we’re only going to share it with each other." However, the band did decide to document the performance should they decide to use it for future viewings.

Guitarist Zach Johnson also posted from the rehearsal on his social media, while singer Jonathan Vigil offered a photo of a microphone and a message. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk also made note of a special item in the room. The band also offered a summary of the night, which can be viewed below.

Earlier this year, vocalist Jonathan Vigil offered an honest assessment of his feelings, speaking of how going to shows is hard, knowing what the band was and what his band could be. "It stings me. It hurts me. It’s bittersweet being here. I feel cheated. I feel wronged. I feel obsolete. Seeing a band play and knowing we had it. Knowing what we had. I had it. Watching a band play with a feeling of jealousy that I shouldn’t have but just can’t shake. It eats at me. I think to myself, 'I did everything I could. I was that kid in the crowd singing along, aspiring to be up there. I worked hard and I did it. I got there. Like everyone else up there did. So how come they get to run around onstage when I won’t ever be able to run again? I can’t even walk on my own," stated Vigil.

So with The Ghost Inside returning to the rehearsal space and playing together for the first time since 2015, the first step in the journey back begins.


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