The life of a touring band can be a dangerous one, as The Ghost Inside found out last fall when they suffered a head on bus crash with a semi truck outside of El Paso, Texas. The horrific looking crash killed the drivers of both vehicles and left many of the members of the band and their crew aboard the bus significantly injured. The band members have been vigilant in keeping fans up to date on their recovery, and in his latest posting, The Ghost Inside singer Jonathan Vigil speaks about the emotional toll the incident has taken.

Back in January, Vigil posted a photo from the hospital that stated, "Scars on my head, a fracture on my neck, a wound on my back, a skin graft right elbow and two broken ankles. I'm here." Just last month, the singer posted about having an infection in his ankle bone that led him to getting an IV before he could continue with other surgeries. But staying upbeat, the singer expressed how grateful he was to be alive and not paralyzed. He later attended A Day to Remember's Self Help festival in a wheelchair and has begun using a walker as well.

In his latest update, Vigil expresses that while he has made progress in his recovery, he does get frustrated at times that he's not further along. He adds, "I wish more than anything that none of us had to go through this, and it genuinely breaks my heart to know that some of us will never be the same. I lie awake some nights and it really gets to me. What I have to remember is that with the exception of our awesome driver Greg, we're all here."

The rocker continues, "Seeing the pictures from it, I know we all could've been so much worse off. Some of the stories I've been told from the others are bone chilling. I was the fortunate/unfortunate one to sustain a brain injury so I remember nothing from the accident. And to be honest, I prefer it that way. I'm so sorry that my brothers had to go through that whole ordeal." See his full posting below.

The Vans Warped Tour recently announced their 2016 lineup, but during the announcement it was revealed that The Ghost Inside had already claimed a spot for the 2017 run. So the group has the goal of being ready to return to the stage a year from now. In a recent posting, The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk revealed that he had returned to the drum kit for the first time since losing his right leg in the accident.

Not long after the incident, a GoFundMe page was launched to help the band members with their medical expenses and other costs associated with the crash. A $150,000 goal was set and has already been surpassed. If you wish to donate you may do so here. Meanwhile, Epitaph Records immediately began giving all proceeds from the band's record sales directly to the group in order to help financially with their recovery.