The Ghost Inside's band members are still recovering from significant injuries sustained in last fall's bus crash that resulted in the fatalities of both the drivers of both the bus and the truck that it collided with, but they're determined to return to the stage. Despite the severity of their injuries, which includes drummer Andrew Tkaczyk losing his right leg, the band will indeed return to rock another day.

In an Instagram post, the band revealed that they've officially added a second guitarist, Chris Davis, who previously played with Texas in July and has been a touring member of the group. "Us playing shows again is the furthest thing from our minds at the moment while we focus on our recovery, but none of us could ever imagine playing again without Chris Davis," state the band. "He's been such an awesome guy to have on the road, he's been so rad to have around offstage, and he loves Batman (almost a scary amount)." Check out their post below.

The news follows on the heels of the recent revelation that the band is targeting the 2017 Vans Warped Tour for their return. The band made the announcement in the following tweet:

Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman confirmed the news during the live artists announcement for this year's run. "When that accident happened, I said, ‘I will hold this spot until the day before Warped Tour started.’ I said ‘It’s your spot,'" explained Lyman. "I’ve never announced a band for a tour a year and a half ahead. Ghost Inside will be on the 2017 Warped Tour."

As for the band members recoveries, singer Jonathan Vigil recently checked in with an update, revealing that he had suffered an infection in his ankle bone. As such, he's been having to receive antibiotics before any additional surgeries can take place. "I know it could be a lot worse because I'm alive and not paralyzed, hence the smile on my face. Minor setbacks happen to everyone and I need to stay positive through it all. That's what the people closest to me keep reminding me of," says the singer. However, that hasn't kept Vigil from enjoying music, recently attending A Day To Remember's Self Help Festival. See his updates below.

A GoFundMe page was started for the band members not long after the accident, giving fans a chance to help them out with their significant medical bills and expenses. The initial $150,000 goal has been met, but you can still donate at this location. In addition, the band's label, Epitaph Records, have been giving 100 percent of the profits from sales of the group's albums directly to the band.