Who knew? The Network proved to be prophets, returning this year after issuing the 2003 album Money Money 2020. And this band of mysterious rockers have a new song titled "Ivankkka Is a Nazi" for listeners to digest as heard below.

Back when The Network arrived in 2003, many suggested that the rock outfit, who kept their identity hidden, were actually Green Day. And the singer does sound similar to Green Day vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong.

In a very 2020 manner, The Network announced their return via social media with a lengthy missive about "shining the headlights upon the follies and vanity of mankind." They add, "Rapidly achieving fame and fortune, we had often been mistaken as the planets greatest rock ‘n’ roll band Green Day. This earthly comparison is almost as comical as the humans that inhabit this dying planet!"

Trumpeting the "Church of Lushology," their latest missive explains that they had abandoned the doldroms of stardom in favor of focusing their efforts on time travel and in doing so they've been able to see the future that is "both disastrous and hilarious." Touting the release of Money Money 2020 Part II, they conclude, "Within the binary codes of this album exist the keys to our past, present, and future DNA! The Gods are laughing & it’s up to you to prove them wrong... You're welcome... The Network."

Assisting The Network in the spread of their message will be Warner Records, though perhaps at the dismay of one of the label's bigger bands. Check out the Twitter exchange below and listen to The Network's new song in the player provided.

The Network, "Ivankkka Is a Nazi"

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