The Offspring have debuted the title track / first single from their upcoming ninth album 'Days Go By' and it's what you'd expect from these perennial Warped Tour rockers. Potent melodies, singalong choruses, big power chords, frontman Dexter Holland's signature nasally vocals and a summer-appropriate energy.

While the Offspring have delivered their share of well-constructed but kitschy novelty songs ('Pretty Fly (For a White Guy),' 'Why Don't You Get a Job' and 'She's Got Issues'), 'Days Go By' is gimmick-free. It's a bit more contemplative, lyrically and comparatively speaking, as Holland ponders the then and the now. Overall, it has the bouncy rock vibe of a Foo Fighters tune with the added sprinkle of the Offspring's American punk rock flavor.

Even though Holland & Co. are older and wiser, and days have literally gone by for them, there's lots of gas left in the tank. They still know how to write memorable music that packs a punch in the gut. Two minutes in, the band tears through a potent mid-section, which, in a live setting, should have concertgoers at the front of the barrier jumping up and down in a semi-moshing pattern. Offspring fans, both diehard and casual, will dig 'Days Go By.

Listen to the Offspring 'Days Go By'