The debate has raged amongst punk fans for years. Are the Offspring a punk band or not? Even the band's own members have a little question about it and they address the topic in a new video they've posted on their website.

Guitarist Noodles says, "It does make us absolutely more punk that we don't care about the rules of punk rock," while singer Dexter Holland adds with a wry smile, "We're so punk, we're not punk at all. That's how punk we are."

The singer says it's pointless to argue as the debate as to what is "punk" in general has always been a point of contention for fans of the genre. He adds, "We're laughing at the idea of trying to be punk. We try to be ourselves and we like the music that we like, sometimes it's punk and sometimes it's not, but that's just who we are."

Noodles states that they definitely came out of the punk scene and their love of punk rock is what changed their lives and got them to enter music in the first place, but over time they've grown and shown some of their other influences as well.

Holland says it's interesting that after they sold a lot of records, people told them they couldn't be a punk band anymore and he admits he bought into that. He adds, "It's okay, that's fine, we can be a rock band and the longer we go on, it's really about the spirit that we have as a band, and when you put it that way, well then f--- yeah, we're a punk band."

As for how they will be remembered in the long run, Noodles says that's too big a concept to consider at the moment. He does say however, "As long as we're able to go out on tour and make records and go out on tour and have fans coming to see us play, that's the funnest thing in the world. There's two sides of the coin. There's making a record which is kind of obsessive/compulsive behavior and then just going out and playing it which is just kind of hedonistic, for-the-moment behavior. That's the best thing in the world."

The Offspring will add to their musical legacy and let the debates continue when they issue their 'Days Go By' album June 26.