The Offspring will finally return with their 'Days Go By' album June 26, making it four years between records. That's actually one year faster than the break between the last two records, but still is a long time for fans to wait.

Singer Dexter Holland addressed the delays in their second fan Q&A video posted at their website. Holland explains, "It's our ninth album actually and when you've done that many records it's important to make sure you're offering something new or something interesting to listen to on a record, and sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to get there."

While the band members are definitely striving for the best these days, they definitely didn't start out well early in their career. The guys laughed when reflecting back on their first performance as a group. Guitarist Noodles recalls, "We played in our high school Battle of the Bands, and I think we came in dead last, didn't we?" Holland smiles, "We did, and we wanted to return to our high school a year after we graduated and they were hosting a Battle of the Bands and [Noodles] was a janitor, so he was already there, and it was lunchtime … But we thought, 'We're gonna go back and kill it. These kids are gonna be stoked, so stoked.' And yeah, we came in last."

"The best thing about that day though was that our drummer James played 'Beheaded' with human bones," recalls Noodles. Holland laughs, "We somehow got from some medical facility we got real live femurs, big Flintstone bones, and he thought he would play them with it and it was funny, we didn't know that they would disintegrate while he was playing, so it didn't last very long."

The Offspring, sans human bones, are currently touring overseas, but will return to North America in July and August for scattered performances.

Watch the Offspring's Dexter Holland and Noodles Answer Fan Questions

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