It may be a messed up world that we live in, but The Pretty Reckless chose a day at the beach for the setting of their new video 'Messed Up World (F'd Up World).' That's just one of the ironic touchtones of the clip that has just arrived online.

The video finds Taylor Momsen both performing and relaxing with a few female friends at the beach. As she sings the lyrics, her friends discard poster board with the lyrics penned on them, but that's tame compared to the rest of the clip.

Making a statement, the video also features a pair of women in body paint grinding upon each other along with a few near make out sessions. But ever the provocateurs, the band put a spin on what is going on onscreen as the female pairing eventually hold up a sign that reads, "Is This What You Want to See?"

'Messed Up World' is the latest single from the band's 'Going to Hell' album, and the track shows off a grittier side of Momsen's voice. The album can be purchased via iTunes or Amazon. You can also look for 'Messed Up World' (or perhaps the less radio-friendly originally titled 'F'd Up World') turning up on the band's upcoming tour dates. The group has a handful of summer shows, but will be plenty busy with lots of North American gigs this fall. Check here for dates.

Meanwhile, Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen has become the latest columnist for Loudwire. She'll answer fan questions as part of the new weekly feature 'Ask Taylor.' For more info on how to submit your questions, click here.

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