Theory of a Deadman have been called misogynists a time or two throughout their career, and they are the latest target of ‘Angry Mothers Against Rock,’ who have spoken out against their tune ‘Bitch Came Back.’ However, frontman Tyler Connolly tells Loudwire that he stands by his band's songs, saying that it’s all about finding balance.

On the band’s own website, frontman Tyler Connolly hosts his own Q&A column titled ‘Tell Tyler’ where fans can submit questions and comments and you don’t have to scroll too far before seeing the question, “Do you hate women?’ Connolly responded in jest saying, “No way, I love women. What, a guy’s not allowed to vent his frustrations? Isn’t that what chicks do all the time when they hang out?”

While it does seem that the band’s tongue-in-cheek approach to songwriting often gets misunderstood and misconstrued, we wondered what Connolly thought about being called a misogynist. In a recent interview we asked him how the accusations impacted him. “You could say that some of my lyrics are misogynistic, and that I have something against women in general, and my response would be that it’s written about one person – not women in general,” explains Connolly.

For anyone honing in on one particular song, Theory of a Deadman’s latest album offers up just as many love songs as it does angsty, aggressive break-up songs. Connolly remarks, “There are other songs on our record that are the exact opposite of ‘Bitch Came Back’, there are songs like ‘Easy To Love You’ which is one of the most romantic songs I’ve written in a long time.”

He goes on to explain 'Easy to Love You' in more detail, “It’s pretty much about finding the person you want to spend your life with and each verse goes through meeting to dating to moving in and then in the third verse I actually say the words ‘Will you marry me?” It’s a really beautiful song.”

When it comes to songwriting, Theory of a Deadman put a large emphasis on finding a balance. Connolly says, “I always think about that when we start writing, we can’t have ten goofy, trashy songs about banging women and throwing them out the door. There’s got to be balance, it’s got to be the fact that, yeah I just threw that woman out the door but I can’t seem to get her out of my head and I want her to come back.”

Connolly and company released their latest album 'The Truth Is…’ in July. The songs were largely inspired by the divorce Connolly was going through at the time, which might help explain the wide-range of sentiment expressed in songs from ‘Bitch Came Back’ to ‘Easy to Love You.’  Stay tuned for our full interview with Connolly later this week!