Theory of a Deadman are in the midst of co-headlining the 2011 Carnival of Madness tour along with Alter Bridge. During a recent stop on the tour, Theory's frontman, Tyler Connolly, caught up with 105.7 the X out of Peoria, Ill., where the rocker reflected on the tour that has them criss-crossing the country through mid-September.

"Every band is great," Connolly says of the bill for the tour. "We all bring something different, which is nice. It has a nice dynamic. Alter Bridge is a great band, but they’re not the same as Theory of a Deadman, so you go to see Carnival of Madness, it’s not like seeing five of the same bands in a row. There’s something for everybody. So hopefully we can pick up some Alter Bridge fans who weren’t interested in Theory before, and vice versa. You never know."

Touring life is something the Theory members know well since kick-starting their career in 2002. Over the years, the band has taken the stage as part of many high-profile treks, including the Rock is Alive Tour, Scars & Souvenirs Tour, Leave This Town Tour, the Avalanche Tour, and most recently, Crue Fest 2: The White Trash Circus with headliner Motley Crue.

"We went out and toured with Motley Crue for quite a while, and they’re a fun bunch of guys," says Connolly. "They put on this amazing rock show. [That type of show] kind of almost like dissipated. I don’t know what happened to that [over the years with other bands]. It’s gone. So, we’re trying to bring it back. We’re trying to emulate some of that fun-ness that’s kind of disappeared."

The Carnival of Madness tour is scheduled to wrap on Sept. 18 in Dayton, Ohio, and also features Black Stone Cherry, Adelitas Way and Emphatic on the bill. Click here for a complete list of dates.

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