Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was recently the victim of backyard theft. It was reported by TMZ that around $3,000 worth of items had been stolen and later recovered.

According to law enforcement, who leaked the details to the long-running tabloid outlet, a 30-year-old man unlawfully entered Durst's Los Angeles home through a gate and happened upon a backyard littered with items such as a Tesla vehicle charger and a violin, among other things.

The thief snatched up what is said to be a $3,000 haul and allegedly attempted to break into the Durst home, which was occupied by the singer's family, though the Bizkit icon himself was not present on site at the time. Partially aided by security camera footage, police were able to apprehend the bandit, whom they had spotted later that night after he fled the original scene of the crime.

All of Durst's stolen items were returned and the crook was reportedly booked on charges of felony grand theft. It is not believed that Durst was intentionally targeted in the heist, per police.

It's good to know the security cameras at Durst's house are in working order because it appears he might be spending some extended time away from home at some point later this year with an aim for Limp Bizkit to get back on tour. After performing just six shows last year on a run with special guest Spiritbox, Bizkit shut things down out of an abundance of caution for the band, their crew and fans as the pandemic was still having a major impact on touring entities.

In early February, Durst shared a TikTok video and wondered aloud, "Just sitting here thinking about who we should go on tour with this year. Maybe a little U.S. run would be good, like soon." Polling fans as to who they'd like to see support Limp Bizkit on the road, he asked, "Any idears [sic]?"

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