You may not recognize the name Outernational, but the outspoken upstart band has the ears of some of today's top rockers.

Singer Miles Solay first caught the attention of Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello when, at the age of 15, he managed to sneak through security at 'Saturday Night Live' to introduce himself during the band's appearance on the program. Morello tells Rolling Stone, "We've been friends ever since," and thus explains one of the superstar cameos in the band's new 'We Are All Illegals' video.

It doesn't hurt that the band, like their idol Morello, has strong political views. In fact, the song 'Todos Somos Ilegales (We Are All Illegals)' was penned in response to the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's anti-immigration law. In addition to Morello, the group snagged guest appearances from Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Residente Calle 13.

Smith, who appeared on the band's second album 'Welcome to the Revolution,' says, "I've never worked with more focused individuals who really want change to happen through their music." After spending time in the studio in spring 2011, Smith has dropped in on Outernational at several shows.

Solay says his band sampled dialogue from films about immigration and the speeches of activist Bob Avakian between songs and wrote the piece as if it were a soundtrack about the border. He adds, "We're singing about a different way the world could be organized - no more men dominating women, or one nationality dominating people of other nationalities."

The video is a mixture of the band performing, scenes from immigration reform rallies, a variety of people holding signs that mirror the issues discussed in the song, and, of course, the high profile guest appearances.

At present, Outernational are working on new music. Tom Morello produced a pair of EPs, with 'Future Rock' arriving later this month and 'Here is the Rose' following in September.

Watch Outernational's 'We Are All Illegals' Video