Tom Morello,as the Nightwatchman, debuted a new song titled 'Marching on Ferguson' on Friday (Sept. 5) at the Jail Guitar Doors’ Rock Out! Benefit at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist took to
Twitter and
Instagram to share the news with fans. He performed the bluesy and bombastic track with a four-piece band at the event. Morello plays an inspired guitar solo on the song starting
Jimi Hendrix-style playing with his teeth before shredding the last few bars with ferocious tremelo picking. See fan shot video above.

Twitter after the incident and provided the following tweet.

The concert helped raise money and awareness for Jail Guitar Doors, which aids in the rehabilitation of prisoners using musical instruments. Morello shared the stage with a number of musicians including Ben Harper, Jackson Browne and actor Tim Robbins. A photo of Morello with Browne, Robbins and others can be seen below.

According to Billboard, Tom Morello is currently working on a new solo album, which is inspired by the aforementioned Jimi Hendrix. He said, “I want to make the craziest guitar record that anyone’s ever heard. The idea is that this is the Hendrix of now.”

See Tom Morello With Jackson Browne and Tim Robbins at the Jail Guitar Doors Benefit Concert