"When will the new Tool album come out?" That's been the central question in heavy music for the last decade, especially now with Metallica's new record locked in for a 2016 release. While the anticipation for new Tool music is arguably the highest its ever been, some fans have given up waiting, tossing the band by the wayside as their patience thins. The message has been heard by the band, who released a lengthy newsletter denouncing this negativity, calling out those who have been pessimistic or antagonistic while held in limbo.

Blair, the band's webmaster, authored the post which had the name of each Tool member attached at the bottom. "This newsletter is about positive thinking versus negative thinking. It’s also about cleansing negative energy and boosting positive energy," he wrote in the opening sentences. Speaking about the band's detractors, he exemplified common complaints, adding, “'They are tired of waiting for an album and jumping ship' or 'They’ve had enough and are over this band.' Or, my all time favorite: 'After being Tool’s biggest fan for 19 years, I am now disavowing my favorite band.' Oh really? Please tell me then – why is it that those who complain the loudest are almost always the first to comment negatively on any given post?"

Discussing how these fans are typically the first to "pounce with their cynical viewpoint" on any new Tool story, Blair said, "By doing so, they invalidate all they're disavowing! To any psychiatrist worth their $$$, this would be clearly evident." From there, it was out with the negative and in with the positive as he detailed an example of the power of positivity following an order error at Arby's.

Blair's companion LaraLee received the wrong order at the fast food chain and Blair had intentions on straightening out the man behind the register for such an egregious mistake, but came out the better for not doing so. LaraLee instead consumed the the food she was given and enjoyed it more, vowing to order this exact meal again at her next Arby's visit. Restraining from acting negatively, the outcome was unexpectedly positive and better than originally intended. It is with this same graciousness that Blair urges Tool fans to operate under in regards to waiting for the new album, which he promises is indeed coming.

Since this newsletter was posted, a positive light has been cast on the new material from the group. Meshuggah's Mårtin Hagström spoke with Rocksverige about the demos he's heard when he was at drummer Danny Carey's house last year, stating (via Google Translate / The PRP) "It was the demos, but it’s the best I’ve heard of Tool can I say. Then we of course like 'S--t, then it will probably safe next year!' And it was a little hopeful, but now it does not seem so long. We will talk to them in a few weeks when we play with them and Slayer in Sacramento, so then I can pump them a little. (laughs)”

We don't know when, but there will be new Tool it seems. Stay positive and enjoy some laughs below!

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