Gather all your friends and start making plans for a road trip to Saint Paul, Minnesota. Why, you ask? Because of the 2012 River's Edge Music Festival, stunna!

The first ever River's Edge Music Festival is set to be held on June 23 & 24 from Harriet Island in Saint Paul. Booked to play the inaugural fest are bands such as Sublime with Rome, Coheed and Cambria, the Flaming Lips and Brand New. Most importantly, perhaps, Maynard James Keenan will be giving Minnesota a double-dose of his talents by performing with both Tool and Puscifer.

“We are thrilled to bring the Twin Cities the festival it has long deserved, a reflection of the discriminating tastes of its music fans as well as the area’s reputation as a cultural leader,” said Mark Campana, Co-President, Live Nation. “We will be making the most of this beautiful site and its natural advantages to create an experience that truly reflects the community, creativity, and culture of the area. River’s Edge Music Festival will enrich Saint Paul’s already vibrant musical landscape and provide a new touring destination for artists for years to come.”

Tickets for River's Edge start at only $99 for the two-day fest, with other VIP packages available giving fans special viewing areas for performances, access to various VIP clubs and yes, even access to special bathrooms so you won't have to share seats with the common peasants within the crowd!

Check out the River's Edge website for more details.